Background Check: You Could Be the ‘Person of Interest’

VVScore Background Check

What is ‘background check’?

Background check or screening is an intelligent risk assessment and analytical tool that has been leveraged by corporates to verify credentials of employees to debilitate occurrence of frauds since long. It structures information data and analytically profiles past of an individual. It identifies discrepancies in a person’s profile related to education and employment, criminal past and other behavioural aspects.

Off late, Individuals are increasingly realising the significance of background screening. The industry is gradually expanding beyond corporate confines to the domain of common man. A society constituting over 1.2 billion people, India, needs an advanced mechanism to secure trust in interpersonal relationships. Background screening is a proactive measure, when leveraged efficiently, that empowers individuals by securing trust in a society.

Who is a ‘person of interest’?

An individual involved in any interpersonal relationship could be screened. You, your driver, tenant, bridegroom, babysitter, security guard, landlord, tuition teacher or domestic help, anyone could be a ‘person of interest’.

How does it work?

Background check bridges information gap around the past of an individual. Screening revolves around certain information areas. Background checks include:
– Identity,
– Education (local and foreign universities),
– Residence/address,
– Past employment (domestic and global),
– Reference,
– Driving license,
– Drug test,
– Criminal records and databases (national and international), and
– Social media.

The mechanism strictly works on consent basis. The ‘person of interest’ (the one being screened) has to approve to initiate the screening process.

Making informed decisions

Background check outlaws and unravels complexities while dealing in human relationships. A verification process that requires simple submission of information (documents and other details) and get a background information report with all credentials duly screened that helps make individuals informed decision.

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